Honors Program

Anton Shammas and Hoda Barakat. Faculty expert, Gil Hochberg.

The honors program is open to Comparative Literature majors with a minimum 3.5 departmental and 3.25 overall GPA. Eligible students interested in this program should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Student Services Advisor to enter the program. This departmental honors program is an excellent way for students to deepen their understanding in Comparative Literature and conduct research through close mentorship with a faculty member.

Honors candidates must complete all requirements for the major and an honors research paper (in addition to regular course requirements) in two of the four required upper division comparative literature courses. These two honors research papers must be completed during the quarter in which a student is enrolled in the course. Candidates must also complete a fourth course in the primary literature area and Comparative Literature 198 with a core faculty member, in which they write a senior honors paper of approximately 25 pages.

For more information, we strongly recommend that you meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Student Services Advisor, whose contact information is found under advising.