Graduate Courses

From the recent Andalusian play, “Clytemnestra. Una mujer.” Faculty expert, Kathleen L. Komar. Banner image: John Locke. Faculty expert, Kirstie McClure.

Fall 2020

  • COM LIT 200A - Theory of Comparative Literature

    Instructor(s): Eleanor Kaufman

    Seminar, three hours. Study of theory of literature, with emphasis on genealogy of theoretical problems. S/U or letter grading.

  • COM LIT 290 - Contemporary Theories of Criticism: Introduction to Comparative Literature Faculty Research

    Instructor(s): Kathleen Komar

    Comparative Literature faculty members present aspects of their research. Students discuss and analyze different presentation each week.

  • COM LIT C252 - Symbolism and Decadence

    Instructor(s): Ross Shideler

    Seminar, four hours. Preparation: reading knowledge of French. Study of symbolist and decadent movements in 19th- and 20th-century English and French poetry and prose, including authors such as Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Mallarmé, Wilde, Yeats, and Eliot. May be concurrently scheduled with course C152. Graduate students required to prepare papers based on texts read in original languages and may meet as group one additional hour each week. S/U or letter grading.

  • COM LIT 290 - Contemporary Theories of Criticism: Mimesis/Aesthesis: Connections, Disconnections, and Questions

    Instructor(s): Kirstie Mcclure

    Study asks how today we might relate and separate Erich Auerbach's 1946 Mimesis: The Representation of Reality in Western Literature and Jacques Rancière's 2011 Aesthesis: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art. Its point of departure is Rancière's suggestion that one so inclined could consider its series of episodes from that regime as "counter-history of artistic modernity." But regarding that counter-history, could differs from both normative edge of should and imperative force of must. Exploration of what might be made of that could, in light of essayistic presentation common to both works; and different ways in which each proposes temporal links between its selected episodes.

  • COM LIT 375 - Teaching Apprentice Practicum

    Instructor(s): Kathleen Komar, Stephanie Bosch

    Seminar, to be arranged. Preparation: apprentice personnel employment as teaching assistant, associate, or fellow. Teaching apprenticeship under active guidance and supervision of regular faculty member responsible for curriculum and instruction at UCLA. May be repeated for credit. S/U grading.

  • COM LIT M294 - Seminar: Literary Theory

    Instructor(s): Ursula Heise

    (Same as English M270.) Seminar, three hours. Advanced interdisciplinary seminar to explore philosophical, historical, and critical foundations of literary theory as well as current issues in literary and cultural studies. S/U or letter grading.