Funding Opportunities for Incoming Graduate Students

The Department of Comparative Literature aims to provide multi-year packages of support to all admitted students. All admitted students are automatically considered for departmental fellowship packages. Almost all funding packages involve a combination of fellowship and teaching assistant ships over the course of 4-5 years. These commitments are contingent on the student remaining in good academic standing and making good progress toward the degree. Support packages include the cost of non-resident tuition, fees, and a fellowship/salary stipend.

UCLA also seeks to achieve a student body and faculty which is inclusive of individuals from all cultural, linguistic, geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Our commitment to academic excellence places a high value on sustaining the diversity of experience and perspective which is critical in promoting lively intellectual exchange and the breadth of new ideas that are essential for creative research and scholarship.

As such, the UCLA Graduate Division offers the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship for doctoral students which is intended to help ensure access to graduate study for students who have experienced significant socioeconomic disadvantages or overcome other major educational or physical disadvantages in their pursuit of higher education. All qualified applications will be considered for these fellowships without regard to gender, color, race, ethnicity or national origin.

Prospective students are also highly encouraged to consider applying for special fellowships offered by the UCLA Graduate Division. If you are an incoming student, please visit the UCLA Graduate Division fellowship website that has all the information you’ll need.