Sharon Zelnick is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Comparative Literature, minoring in Media Studies. She works in the fields of Holocaust studies, cultural memory studies, migration and exile literature, and Jewish visual culture. Sharon co-organizes UCLA’s Working Group in Memory Studies, and participates in UCLA’s Jewish History reading group and the Nazarian Center for Israel Studies’ working group. In Spring 2022, she will participate in the Digital Humanities Course Development seminar as a Mellon-EPIC Fellow. Her current research project focuses on literary and artistic projects created by third-generation Holocaust descendants who have migrated from Israel to Germany. The recent influx of approximately 25,000 Israeli migrants in Germany implicates intertwined and competing histories, raising timely questions related to memory, migration, and responsibility. She concentrates on aesthetic projects that deal with these implications. Through her analysis, she examines the unique memory dynamics that emerge when Israeli third-generation Holocaust descendants migrate to the place from which many of their grandparents suffered and subsequently fled. 


  • B.A., Tel Aviv University, 2016
  • M.A., Leiden University, 2018


  • (Post)memory in literary and artistic works across Palestinian-Israeli-German contexts
  • Intergenerational memory and migration
  • Photography-embedded migrant literature



  • Review of American Migrant Fictions: Space, Narrative, Identity by Sonia Weiner,
    Studies in the Novel, Volume 52, Number 2.

Field of Interest

Contemporary Literature, Cultural Memory, Media Studies, Migration and Exile, Holocaust Studies, Trauma


English, Hebrew, German


  • “Introduction to Gender Studies,” Leiden University, Fall 2017 (Reader)
  • “Modern Hebrew Literature Made into Films” (JS 175), UCLA, Fall 2019 (Reader)
  • “Survey of Literature: Age of Enlightenment to 20th Century” (COM LIT 2CW), UCLA, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 (Teaching Assistant)
  • “Survey of Literature: Great Books From World at Large” (COM LIT 2DW), UCLA, Spring 2021 (Teaching Assistant)
  • “Political Violence in Modern World: Causes, Cases, and Consequences” (CLUSTER 48A and 48B), UCLA, Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 (Teaching Associate)
  • “Reading and Visualizing Postmemories of the Holocaust and the Nakba” (CLUSTER 48CW), UCLA, Spring 2022 (Seminar Instructor)

Conference Papers

  • “Migratory Reimaginations in Germany: Benyamin Reich’s Postmemorial Holocaust Photographs.” at the Mnemonics Summer School, Aarhus University, August 2021.
  • “Holocaust Postmemories and Occupation Hauntings in Dani Gal’s White City” at the Geaneologies of Memory Annual Conference, European Network for Remembrance and Solidarity, November 2020.
  • “Intersectional Resistance in Shirin Neshat’s I Will Greet the Sun Again” at the Memory and Political Responsibility Conference, UCLA, February 2020.
  • “Shifting Narratives in Contemporary Photo-Embedded Migrant Fiction” at the International Conference on Narrative, McGill University, April 2018.
  • “Visualizing Histories of Injustice: Photography in Aleksandar Hemon’s The Lazarus Project and W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants” at the ACLA Annual Meeting, UCLA, March 2018.
  • “Photography as Political Resistance: Protest and Play in Dow Wasiksiri and Manit Sriwanichpoom” at the Platform for Postcolonial Readings Annual Meeting, University of Amsterdam, January 2018.“The Ethics of Visual Representation: Women Refugees in Ad van Denderen’s Go No Go” at NOG (Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies) Graduate Student Conference, Utrecht University, May 2017.