• Ph.D. in classical, medieval and Renaissance studies Universities of Bologna, Rome, and British Columbia.



Additional Books

  • La malattia d’amore dall’antichità al Medioevo (Rome: Bulzoni, 1976).
  • Saturn from Antiquity to the Renaissance (Ottawa: Dovehouse, 1992).
  • Eros and Anteros: Medicine and the Literary Traditions of Love in the Renaissance (Ottawa: Dovehouse, 1993).
  • Scrittori, tendenze letterarie e conflitto delle poetiche in Italia (1960-1990). (Ravenna: Longo, 1993).
  • Italian Studies in North America (Ottawa, Dovehouse, 1994).
  • La lotta con Proteo. 2 volumes (Florence: Cadmo, 2001).


  • “Carleton Renaissance Plays in Translation” series.
  • “Major Italian Authors” published at the University of Toronto Press.
  • “Italian Series” published at the University of Toronto Press.
  • Quaderni d’italianistica (the official journal of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies) (1970-1991).
  • “Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library,” at the University of Toronto Press.


  • Carleton University (Ottawa)
  • University of Toronto


He has won academic fellowships and grants, has organized and read papers at a great number of international conferences, and served on the board of several academic books, journals and series. He has read papers at many academic conferences, and has written widely on his areas of specialization.