Fields of Interest

  • Political, philosophical and juridical theories of nonviolence, violence and war
  • Border theory, the nation-state and nonstate spaces
  • Law (discourse of) and Anarchy (philosophical)
  • Postcolonial South Asian Anglophone literature
  • Victorian and Contemporary literature on British India
  • Pashto and Urdu literature
  • Imagology
  • Myth, representation and the construction of normativity
  • Feminist appropriations of mythic narratives
  • Mythic and contemporary retellings of the feminine sacred
  • Feminist theory, the Frankfurt School, Deconstruction and its critique of modernity and its violence
  • The human, humanism and posthumanism
  • 19th and 20th century continental philosophy
  • Postcolonial Theory and Subaltern Studies


  • BA in philosophy from Columbia University, New York City (2008)
  • Diploma in Interior Design, University of California, Los Angeles (1997)


Pashto, Urdu, English


  • Comparative Literature 2BW (Middle Ages to Seventeenth Century Literature): winter quarter 2012; winter quarter 2015
  • Comparative Literature 2CW (Enlightenment to Twentieth Century Literature): winter quarter 2014; spring quarter 2015
  • Comparative Literature 2DW (Postcolonial and Contemporary World Literature): winter quarter 2011; spring quarter 2011; spring quarter 2012; spring quarter 2014