• Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK (Awarded October 2004)
  • D.Phil. English, University of Oxford, UK (Awarded September 1999)
  • M.Stud. Research Methods in English, University of Oxford (Awarded August 1994)
  • M.A. English and American Literature, First Class Honours, University College Dublin
  • B.A. (Hons) English and Philosophy


  • Value of the Humanities
  • Modern Irish Literature
  • Modernism
  • Ideas of Literary Value
  • W.B. Yeats
  • Samuel Beckett
  • James Joyce


(All single-authored, apart from editorial work)


  • (edited) The Values of Literary Studies: Critical Institutions, Scholarly Agendas (Cambridge University Press, 2015). I have written the ‘Introduction’ and an essay entitled ‘After Suspicion: Surface, Method, Value’. There are 16 other essays by major figures in the field of literary studies, all commissioned and edited by me.
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Forthcoming Articles

  • ‘Books and the Mass-Market: Class, Democracy and Value’ in Cambridge History of the Book in Britain, Vol 7 eds. Andrew Nash, Claire Squires and Ian Willison (Cambridge UP, 2016).
  • ’Internal Others: Cultural Debate and the Irish Revival’ in A History of Irish Modernism eds. Gregory Castle and Patrick Bixby (Cambridge UP, 2017)


  • Joint Editor (1994-2002) Bullán: An Irish Studies Journal. Established at the University of Oxford, Bullán became a fully refereed, twice-yearly journal with an advisory editorial board of international standing. From 1998-2002 it was published in the USA through Notre Dame University Press and affiliated with the Institute of Irish Studies at Notre Dame.


  • Reviewer for academic journals including Modern Language Notes, Irish University Review, Irish Studies Review, Oxford Poetry, and The Beckett Circle.

Field of Interest

Irish Literature, Modernism, World Literature, Cultural Value, Criticism, Role of the Humanities

Field of Study

Irish Modernism, Cultural Value, Yeats, Beckett, Irish Studies. Currently working on a book provisionally entitled 'Literary Value'


English, Irish, French


  • COM LIT 191: “Modern Irish Literature and the Crisis of Value”