• Barnard College (Columbia University) 2011, Magna Cum Laude


  • Tracking the transforming relationship between literary depictions of madness and scientific understandings of mental illness
  • How female authors in post-colonial and post-Soviet states reclaim a “mad voice,” and what effect this has on gender politics and treatment of mentally ill



  •  UCLA. “The Right to a Mad Mind: A conversation of medical knowledge and pre-feminist literary practice between Madame Bovary and Анна Каренина.” (May 2015)
  • University of New Mexico. “Trapped in the Body-Text: Tortured écritures féminines in Время: ночь.” (April 2015)
  • Society for the Study of Southern Literature. “Whose Faulkner? The role of the translator in French perceptions of an Other-ed South.” (March 2014)

Field of Interest

Literary depictions and social conceptions of madness in French and Russian speaking cultures; Intersections of race, gender and sexuality in categorization of mentally ill; Colonial and Post-colonial French and Imperial and Post-Soviet Russian literature; Minor Studies: Gender studies, queer studies, and medical humanities


French, Russian, and German

Additional Information

  • Co-founder of the Women’s Graduate Student Association, which advocates for women in graduate studies and organizes events addressing issues from sexual harassment to job negotiation.
  • Member of the Graduate Student Caucus. She collaborates with fellow graduate student leaders to work with Vice Chancellor Jerry Kang and continue UCLA’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.