Maestría, Letras Latinoamericanas, (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2011)
M.A., Comparative Literature, (UCLA, 2014)
C.Phil., (UCLA, 2016)


  • “From Don Quixote to Doña Marina: Inter-imperial Translation in Early Modern Europe,” Forthcoming in Transitions: A Journal of Franco-Iberian Studies, 11 (Spring 2016).
  • “‘The Most Wonderful Collection of Original Documents in the United States’: Notes on the Lives and Work of Two New Orleans Translators,” with Susan Tucker, Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archive Professionals, 11:3 (2015): 213-228.
  • “‘The Books of the Office in my Charge’: A Case Study on the English Translation of a New Orleans Spanish Colonial Judicial Record,” Collections: A Journal for Museum and Archive Professionals, 11:3 (2015): 229-242.
  • “La descolonización espiritual como práctica multidisciplinaria en la obra de José María Arguedas,”Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana, No. 72 (2010): 217-231.

Field of Interest

transatlantic history and translation, early modern French and francophone cultures of translation, history of the book, 20/21st century Latin American literature and cultural criticism, colonial archive in 20th century fiction

Field of Study

My research examines early modern French translations of Spanish American colonial histories.


English, Spanish, French


Comp Lit 2AW: Survey of Literature: Antiquity to the Middle Ages (Winter 2013)
Comp Lit 2BW: Survey of Literature: Middle Ages to Seventeenth Century (Fall 2012)
Comp Lit 2CW: Survey of Literature: Enlightenment to the Twentieth Century (Spring 2013, Winter 2016)
Comp Lit 2DW: Survey of Literature: Great Books from the World at Large (Spring 2016)
Spanish 3: Elementary Spanish (Fall 2016)