• C. Phil in Comparative Literature, September 2014, UCLA
  • M.A. in Comparative Literature, June 2011, UCLA
  • B.A. cum laude in Comparative Literature & Society, May 2008, Columbia University


  • Representation of Jewish and Muslim exile in Hebrew, Arabic, and Anglophone literature, 19th-20th century -Image and text
  • Visionary prophecy
  • Witnessing and testimony
  • Exile, cosmopolitanism, and world literature in 20th century critical theory

Field of Interest

Postcolonial criticism; Middle Eastern Studies; Jewish Studies; Migration and Refugee Studies; World Literature


Hebrew (Modern, Biblical, Rabbinic) and Arabic (Modern Standard, Moroccan Darija dialect, Palestinian dialect)


  • Comp Lit 4DW: Great Books from the World at Large – “Washed Ashore: The Extremities of Contemporary Migration”
  • Comp Lit 2CW: Literature from the Age of the Enlightenment to the Present
  • Comp Lit 2DW: Great Books from the World at Large – “Literature and Displacement: Migrants, Refugees, and Exile”
  • Comp Lit 1B: Literature of the Middle Ages-17th Century in Europe
  • Comp Lit 2BW: Literature of the Medieval Near East