• Brown University (BA 2008)


  • The standardization and rhetoric of personal illness narratives
  • August Strindberg’s “Inferno crisis” and theories of art.
  • Non-human primate models of Fragile X Syndrome.


• Beecher, Devin G., and David M. Washington. “Music as Social Medicine: Medical and Musical Perspectives on the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra.” New Directions for Youth Development, No. 125, Spring 2010: Print.

Field of Interest

Disability studies; medical humanities; critical medicine studies; art; music; literature


Swedish and Korean


  • Society and Genetics 5: Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and Society
  • Comparative Literature 2CW: What Happened to Truth? Modern Literature and the Rise of Skepticism
  • Disability Studies 101W: Introduction to Disability Studies